The Long Dark

what lies beyond?

Collected Rumors and Messages

1) Riley Hompson contact at Suijin Prime: "Okay, so you know Sharea VII? Where that big battle happened? So people've been scrapping the shit in orbit forever, but very few have made it down to the surface. The atmosphere is so caustic and thick you can't see a goddamn thing – but supposedly previes (pre-tech folk) had a few mining complexes on the surface. I bet most of it's still untouched. Can you imagine? Of course, you're vacc filters would have to hold out long enough to find anything but dirt and corpses."


2)Overheard at a pub: "Gateway is still a really consistent grey port, I know sec force keeps it clean around the ring, but there seems to be no end of pre-tech stuff being found in deep orbit, crashed on planets and just floating in the deep freeze. It figures, i mean it's a goddamn ghost system now, but it used to be the heart of the whole sector. I'm headed out tomorrow, I bet somebodies got something to move for hot cred… <inaudible> Harden? Yes, if you're looking to truck talk to Harden."



.     .     . Spacers report a new wave of Contacts with the mysterious AI

.     .     . Known as "Engineers" in the I087 System, utmost caution

.     .     . Is advised for all travelers to the Nebula's edge. 

4) Professor Elah Beliath "Attn: Captain Gaines & Crew <Time sensitive> Resource allocation for further study of sites at Jesthone IV cannot be justified in council until further proof of the presence of archeologically significant artifacts is attained. Contract is for confirmation of the existence of these ruins, with bonuses for the return of intact specimens. Coordinates included in this broadcast."


5) "Life signs have been detected a long abandoned failed colony on S1.01B II. Contract is to verify life signs and make sure the preceptor archive has not been disturbed." Representative Jone Lenand, Suijin Prime.


The Introduction
For those voidscum crazy enough to be here.

The Long Dark takes place in a bubble of isolated human space called the Illithid Nebula. Most of human habitation occurs on the edge of the Nebula, largely in the sectors controlled by the Perimedean Commonwealth. This loose coalition of planets form a federated assembly and have a joint navy, but the culture and politics of individual member planets and sectors vary wildly. 

Our story begins with the crew of the CS Kagu-Tsuchi, (almost entirely) owned and operated by Captain Nguyễn Phương Diễm. Depending on your vietnalan pronunciation you likely know her as "Captain Phoenix." The ship has a storied history of a wide variety of activities, generally but not always of the legal variety, but it's outfitted largely as a deep space repair and retrieval boat. 


Our first session begins after a mission gone very slightly awry, with the ship landed for repairs on Dagon 2



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