Character Creation on Stars Without Number is much different than you may be used to. This step by step guide will provide you with all the tools and information you need to create your spacefaring adventurer in a step by step linear format which is easy to understand. Take your time and ask questions, especially if you are new to this type of RP.

Alternatively you can download the official Stars Without Number Rulebook for free HERE. It can guide you through the process as well and is the very same book that I use. It has wealths of information beyond character creation and will certainly come in handy throughout your adventure. 


Getting Started

So you have read the important bits and are ready to create your character. Fantastic.
If you think you may have missed some important reading it is all linked here. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

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Rolling Attributes

The first step of character creation is to Roll Attributes. You will roll it six times, once for each attribute. 

Attribute Name:[roll]3d6[/roll]

<u>The attributes are </u>
Strength: Physical might and ability to carry heavy loads. Characters with high strength are fearsome in hand-to hand combat, smashing through enemy defenses with brute force, while those with low Strength might be puny, unathletic, or small-framed.
Intelligence: Memory, logic, and the capacity to think quickly. Characters with high Intelligence are well-suited to coping with complex technical skills and mentally demanding professions. Those with low Intelligence might take a while to reach a conclusion, or forget important details.
Wisdom: Perception, strength of will, and judgment. A high Wisdom shows that the character is keenly aware of his or her surroundings, has a strong willpower, and a healthy fund of common sense. A low Wisdom suggests that the character is prone to bad choices or indulgent behavior.
Dexterity: Hand-eye coordination, agility, and reaction speed. High Dexterity is the sign of a nimble, quick-handed character with a lot of natural aptitude for gunplay. Low Dexterity implies that the character might be lumbering, fumble-fingered, or two steps behind everyone else when surprised.
Constitution: Hardihood, stamina, and the ability to withstand pain, sickness, and injury. High Constitution indicates a character that can take a lot of abuse before keeling over, whether or not they have an impressive musculature. Low Constitution might mean a persistent sickliness, a sedentary lifestyle, or just a low pain threshold.
Charisma: Charm, persuasiveness, and capacity for leadership. Not every high-Charisma character is handsome or beautiful, but all of them have a way of making others take them seriously. Whether through natural charm or an imposing presence, people tend to believe and trust them. Characters with low Charisma have a hard time getting others to respect them. Even genuine skills and talents tend to be discounted.


Determine Modifiers

Based on your attributes you may gain modifiers for rolls. For example, you have eighteen charisma and are making a skill check to persuade a scared child to come with you to escape a space port in a rapidly decaying orbit. Instead of rolling the standard skill check (2d6) you would add your charisma modifier and roll 2d6 + 2. 

It is important to roll in that format as 2d6 + M. Do not simply add it into the roll yourself unless you want your rolls to be both improper and lower (which is bad.)

Attributes are between 3 and 18, modifiers are calculated thusly.

3: -2
4-7: -1
8-13: 0
14-17: +1
18: +2

Modify Attributes

If you are not happy with your attributes and the modifiers they provide there are several ways to edit them. 

You may raise ONE of your classes prime attributes to 14 if it is lower.

You may take points from attributes above 13 and redistribute them into other attributes that are lower than 8. No skill can be brought lower than 13 or higher than 8 this way. Make note of this on your character app so the DM knows.

Picking A Class

You must now choose one of the three classes. Warriors, Experts and Psychics. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses as well as their own training packages, primary attributes, class skills and abilities.

Whether a fur-wearing barbarian from a primitive backwater world or an elite space marine trained to operate advanced energy weapons, a warrior’s business is fighting. While all classes are capable of self-defense, the warrior is quickest to pick up the skills necessary for causing the largest amount of havoc in the least amount of time. If you want your character’s best talents to be in fighting, you should choose the Warrior class.

Prime Attributes: Strength and Dexterity 

Martial Prowess: Once per thread Warriors can dodge, block or otherwise evade combat damage.

Experts are the men and women who know how to get things done. Repair techs, scientists, con men, starship pilots, master thieves, medics, and all other concepts that revolve around a great deal of talent in a professional skill are best represented by an Expert. They may not pick up on combat skills as quickly as a Warrior, but they have an uncanny knack for pulling off near-impossible feats of expertise in their chosen fields.

Prime Attributes: Intelligence and Charisma

Sweet Spot: Once per thread Experts can Re-roll a failed skill check.

In the far future, the powers of the human mind have been unlocked through painstaking study and sacrifice. Psychics are capable of remarkable feats of mental prowess, from reading minds to levitating objects to influencing the flow of future events. Learning and maintaining these abilities takes a lot of time, however, and psychics have a hard time picking up more mundane talents. Psychics can pull off feats no other class can, but they pay for it in a very restricted focus.

Prime Attributes: Wisdom and Constitution

Space Wizards: Can learn Psionic Abilities

Determine HP, Save Rolls, Attack bonus and Psionic Points

In Stars Without Number you would usually roll for your characters HP but due to the fact that many of you are likely new you will be starting with your classes max HP. A DM will fill in your character sheet with the following info.

At Level One (check game systems, leveling for more info on higher levels)
HP: Warriors – 8 | Experts – 6 | Psychics – 4
PP: Psychics – 1 + highest prime attribute modifier
<u>Saving Throws</u>: Physical | Mental | Evasion | Tech | Luck (lower is better)
Warrior: 12 | 15 | 14 | 16 | 13
Expert: 16 | 15 | 12 | 11 | 14
Psychic: 13 | 12 | 15 | 16 | 14
Attack Bonus: Warriors – +1 | Experts – 0 | Psychics – 0

Rolling Starting Credits

Now it is time to determine how much money your character will have to buy starting equipment.

Roll 1d10 and multiply the result by 100 and add 400.

Credits: [roll]1d10[/roll] X 100 + 400

You may spend up to that many credits on starting equipment of tech level 4 or lower. Any left over credits may be saved for use at a later time.

Decide On Home World

Your character may be from any planet listed on the interactive Sector Map(download) or in the planet directory <here> so long as it has a living human population. Some already have information written about them, for planets that do not feel free to write up how you view your character's homeworld and Reno will work with you on creating the info for the planet you choose.

Background & Training Packages

Found HERE, the background and training packages are used as a quick way to choose the skills that define your character. They reflect an upbringing and specialization for your character and the skills each one provides reflects the likely skills of someone who has experienced that childhood or career.

Choose Psionic Discipline

Psionic powers are divided into several disciplines. The Psionic must pick one primary discipline and will advance in that discipline as they level. They will also be granted one extra point per level, this point can be put into any other branch. This allows Psionics to constantly progress in their primary branch while diversifying their skills, or keeping a second branch on par with their first. Higher tier skills are generally more powerful so these characters will be unlocking progressively more powerful skills as they go. Skills must be learned in order. HERE.


Every adventurer needs some gear, check out the list HERE. You may purchase as much as you can afford. You may not buy anything over Tech Level 4. Purchased weapons come with 20 rounds of ammo. Rations are not necessary for space travel, your ship's life support includes food and water.

Final Touches

Gender, Race, History, Personality & Appearance. This is your standard forum application, list the important traits of your character and then tell us a bit about their past and motivations.


Goals are one of the primary ways to gain EXP in Stars without number. You should think up between three and five goals to start. Some should be easy to accomplish whilst others may take some time. PM these goals to Reno to discuss them and their rewards for completion. 

Here is an example of a goal list for a character

Encounter an Alien Race:(They are common in this sector) 100~XP
Get A Better Gun: 200~XP
Slay and then mount the head of an alien beast upon the wall: 750~XP
Become a masterful pilot: (reach 3 in Vehicle/Space) 2000~XP
Overthrow The Government of A Planet: 10,000~XP

You can have up to five active goals at a time, a few should be long term goals that motivate your character over the course of their adventure whilst others are easy to accomplish and regularly being replaced.

First Character?

Space is a dangerous place and you are inexperienced. For your first character on this site i want to give you a little help. Select ONE of the following perks.

Simply Better: 1 attribute point to place whereever you want. (this is good if one of your attributes is only one point away from a better modifier)
Well 'Versed: Free Culture/Traveler skill (if you already have this skill from a package replace it with Culture/World or Culture/Spacer)
Sharp and Shiny: Discard your Credit roll and start with 900 credits to spend instead.
Mostly Muskets: DM will roll dice to pick a random weapon or armor for you to start out with in addition to your other equipment (tech level 4 or lower)


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