Welcome to the Long Dark – an old school Sci-Fi story told using the "Stars Without Number" rule setting. Combat is deadly, space is unforgiving, the night is dark and full of terrors. 

You will play the intrepid crew looking to make a dime and stay alive in the Illithid Nebula. This little pocket of humanity exists on the verge of totally unexplored stars, and nearby numerous alien races friendly and otherwise. You will be manning the battlestations, crawling the corridors and exploring new and unseen wonders in an ongoing somewhat randomly generated adventure inspired by Firefly, Alien/s and Star Trek. 

Since the game system is based more on old school AD&D, expect to lose a few characters along the way, we'll be modifying the rules slightly but still no human can survive a 2kg ball of superheated plasma to the face… and there will be plasma… also claws… also maybe spooky forces.  

Your Storyteller